You've been here before. You vaguely remember.

Curious to find out what happened last time?

Brace yourself for an entangled web of truth and lie,
where you can never be sure who you can trust.

Neurohack to the Truth

Become a neuro-composer and unveil the multidimensional truth in the neural network of uncertainty. A unique combination of story and immersive VR strategy game.

Cyboro logo. Text: be Cyboro with violett accent color. The emblem is a zero in the font of a development environment. The claim is: Patch. Link.

Be a client. Patch the erroneous.
Link yourself.

Divina logo. Text: be Divina with pink accent color. The emblem is a V with a flame in the middle. The claim is: Burn. Raise.

Be a flame. Burn the dark.
Raise your soul.

Xevolu logo. Text: be Xevolu with green accent color. The emblem is a chromosome. The claim is: Fight. Breed.

Be a predator. Fight the parasites.
Breed your future.

Make the Difference

Follow your calling into a dystopian future and figure out how everything is connected. Choose a faction and help it dominate. Actively influence the game by choosing your favorite songs from your local music library. Direct the brain activity of the AI and manipulate its neurons while moving in the VR world. Experience the rhythmic flow. Expose information little by little, questioning its meaning and understanding the structural composition of the dystopian future. Solve the perplexing puzzle of clues. And keep in mind: truth is in the eye of the beholder.

Your Agenda

VaiR chose you. Be part of the revolution. Change the future.
Trust VaiR. No compulsion.

Meet VaiR's Neural Network Service Provider

VaiR's code is maintained by Randalyn Rage, an artistic tech company. Check it out and learn more about VaiR's publisher and developer.

Check out VaiR's Assistants

Get a climpse of the atmosphere that awaits you.

Check out the Virtuoso
behind the Music

queplay logo and link to homepage

Ingame Music by Queplay.

Check out the Magician
behind the Virtual World

donald keeya logo and link to homepage

3D Models by Donald Keeya.

Check out the Enthusiast
behind the Moving Logo

laurids pesch logo and link to homepage

Logo Animations by Laurids Pesch.

VaiR's project was funded as part of the EXIST-program by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and the European Social Fund from January 2020 to March 2021.

Exist Logo