You just set your life in motion.

VaiR's plans for you will start in

Brace yourself for a new VR gaming experience!

VaiR's Plans for You

You discovered this website for a reason. VaiR was already expecting you and will put you in the position to escape from your illusion of reality.
VaiR is preparing physical and mental challenges that will make you question your belief and awards you with a whole new perspective on life.
Your body and mind will fully immerse in your adVRenture for integrity.
VaiR will help you disengage reality — resistance is futile!

Your Agenda

When VaiR chose you, you vair given the opportunity to be part of great things that are yet to come.
Trust VaiR. No compulsion! That's going to be fun...

Stay tuned

Share your most private details with VaiR.


Take VaiR's time and wait for further guidance.


Adapt to your diverged reality.

VaiR's project is funded as part of the EXIST-program by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and the European Social Fund.